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By Thomas Mai / Visions of Tomorrow
Visions of Tomorrow is an association of experts who want to revolutionise the event and entertainment sector in the long term. Visions of Tomorrow has set itself the task of bringing new impulses and thought-provoking impulses to the markets. There are no limits! The scientific approach is a fundamental part of the innovation work. VOT presents new projects that are far from any imagination in an explicable way, and moves them into a new dimension of reality. Since people have already seen everything and are looking for something new, partly spiritual, VOT takes this path of space-time change.
SINCE 2007
New company alliances
App concepts for artists
TV Concepts
Concepts for industrial companies
Create brands
CYBER FUTURE CLUBBING - The new world of club entertainment
ALCATRAZ - Rock the Cell - The Club Event
MR. & MRS. RICH - The Club Game - Get RICH Or Die Tryin’
Atlantis - The Club - Seaworld Dubai
All-Inclusive: Sightseeing - Clubbing
MAYA 2012 - The Last Event Ever
Antarctica - The Hottest Event Ever
Visions of Tomorrow - The Energy Shot
Tribute to Shangri-La - The World Has No Answer
In Memory of Nostradamus @ Saint Remy-de-Provence
SKYPLANE - The Highest Event Location in the World
Consulting for event and gastronomy businesses - New event concepts Elite University for Visionaries and Free Spirits - Securing the Creative Future Visions of Tomorrow - The Worlds Greatest Crossover Event Visions of Tomorrow Club Magazin Artistroaster - Use synergies and networks effectively Club United - Association of the 50 most important clubs in Germany Limited Society RICH - The Game for console and PC MS Vision - The Event Clubship The Visionary - The 7 Rules of Success
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For a non-binding enquiry, please use the form [* required]. We will contact you straight away.